Neuroscience and Sales? Really? | BRAINTRUST 101
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Neuroscience and Sales? Really?

Neuroscience and Sales? Really?


Welcome to the first ever Science of Sales podcast! We are so grateful that you are here.


This first episode is all about laying the groundwork – really understanding how something as nerdy as neuroscience is related to sales situations, language and relationships. Our Founder & CEO, Jeff Bloomfield, will lay out the fundamentals of how understanding the neuroscience behind your customers’ decision-making process can dramatically increase your sales.


In addition, Jeff covers:

  • Why it is important to recognize that our brains were built for preservation
  • The basics of the “triune brain” and why it matters to salespeople
  • How our brains instinctively take in information, and therefore how your customers’ brains are reacting to your sales & marketing messages
  • How sales & marketing messages can bypass the skeptical brain and validate why a customer would make a buying decision


Throughout this episode, you will start to realize that most of these concepts might sound like you’re sitting in a lecture, but they’re often pretty natural responses. It’s understanding the why behind the what in a sales conversation that will help push you over the edge.

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