Braintrust Neuroselling Live Training

What You Will Learn:

Battling Status Quo: The Keys to Driving Change

When we understand why it is difficult to change, we can start to be more empathetic to our customers. After all, buying decisions often result in the need to change.

Leverage Neuroscience to Build Trust Intentionally

The definition of trust is the belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone. Trust is a personal belief and in the case of trust, perception means everything.

How to Create Messaging that Triggers a Buying Decision

When your marketing team constructs the messaging for your organization and your sales team makes it their own, there are six key levers that have been proven to make significant impact on the decision centers in the brain.

How to Construct Stories That Sell

Knowing the value of story is only the beginning. We also need to learn how to construct one. By learning the two different types of stories, acknowledging your purpose and connecting the elements of story, you can develop your own why.

The Complete BrainTrust Story Based Selling System

This six-step system provides sales & marketing professionals like you with a highly effective roadmap that will allow you to further establish credibility and perfectly position your solution.

Learn how to overcome any objection with these techniques!

Leave with a more compelling marketing message that creates urgency for your buyer!


Access to the Neuroselling Online Course!

Solidify your knowledge with our freshly developed online course - included with your purchase!

Who This Is For

"The ability to move others to exchange what they have for what we have is crucial to our survival and our happiness." 

Daniel Pink, To Sell Is Human

While this course can bring value into anyone's life with the ability to move others, it is specifically designed for:

✔︎ Sales Professionals

✔︎ Marketing Professionals

✔︎ Sales Leaders & Managers

✔︎ Business Owners

✔︎ Entrepreneurs

Meet Your Instructors

Jeff Bloomfield | Founder & CEO

✔︎ His passion is Neuroscience. 

✔︎ His profession is sales & marketing. 

✔︎ His mission is to create intentional storytellers.  

Will you be one of them?

First and foremost, Jeff is a family man who loves spending time enjoying life with his wife and three incredible kids.

In his professional life, Jeff spent the better part of his corporate career at a Fortune 500 Bio-tech Companyin various leadership roles randing from Sales & Marketing to Leadership Development.

In 2014, Jeff wrote his first book entitled Story Based Selling, which teaches many of the foundational elements found in his training, development and consulting today.

Since launching BrainTrust, Jeff has had the unique opportunity to speak, coach and consult with some of the best sales & marketing teams in the world.

Kurt Kersey | Partner & Marketing Strategist 

✔︎ His background is financial planning.

✔︎ His expertise is marketing strategy. 

✔︎ His mission is to scale strategic growth.  

Kurt lives his life through several simple principles: Love God, Love Others, Always Hustle, Dream BIG and Execute FAR.

After building and exiting a successful financial planning practice, Kurt launched Scaled Up Marketing, a consulting organization that helps experts and thought leaders clarify their message, amplify their reach, accelerate their sales and scale their success.

What People Are Saying

“When I first heard Jeff speak, I was intrigued with how he was able to incorporate the latest neuroscience into the sales and marketing process. This scientific approach to how the human brain creates connection, builds trust and ultimately makes a buying decision was really appealing to our leadership team. We loved the fact that there was science behind connection. I’d never seen anyone combine storytelling, science and sales in such a unique way.”

Dave Nurre | VP of Sales | USI Corp.

 "We now have an understanding of the mechanics of decision-making and how the human brain actually builds connection and trust. The “inside out” approach to messaging has made a tremendous impact on our business today and I believe will continue to pay dividends in the future.”

 Gary Price | Director of Global Sales & Marketing | CSZ

 "As a large organization, we partner with many, many outside subject matter experts each year to supplement our ongoing training needs. Without question, Jeff is the most engaging, inspiring and committed speaker and trainer we have ever partnered with. I highly recommend Jeff to any company, group or event that is looking for a dynamic, one of a kind program!”

 Kim Kelly | Director of Training & Development | Paychex, Inc.

 "I've known Jeff for over 10 years and watched him transform lifeless training departments and sales teams into vibrant, creative, and motivated forces for positive change. It’s the energy he brings to everything he does that sets him apart. Jeff pours every ounce of himself into what he’s doing and the joy he expresses is infectious…he loves what he’s doing and it shows!”

Steve Thompson | Area Director of Sales | Genomic Health

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